Want to bring more international responsible tourists to your business?

Marketing and online presence

* Creating a website for your business/project.

* Marketing and reaching out to new markets.

* Enhancing the online presence through social media marketing and travelers websites.

* Established a framework for the workers to use to update their website, Facebook page and other web applications relevant for the tourism industry





– Marketing and penetration into new markets (German, French, Italian, Korean, Israeli)

– Partnerships development between private tourism stakeholders

Developing a framework for website and Facebook updates, as well as Tripadvisor professional managing


2) EcoPeace Ein Gedi EcoPark and Auja-Jericho EcoCenter

Ein Gedi Eco Park aims to educate students from the Middle East region, and other visitors as well, on ways to reduce our impact on the environment and promote green solutions for our daily needs.

In this project, I advised issues regarding marketing and online presence, as well as possible activities and reach outs to bring more tourists to the EcoPark.

Auja Eco Center (next to Jericho) works to protect the landscape and support the people of the Jordan valley through environmental education and eco-tourism.

In this project, I advised issues regarding marketing and website changes, as well as improvements in online media.



Other Services I offer:

Consultancy for NGOs, projects, SMEs, ecolodges and ecotourism tour companies:
Wish to develop your existing or new business/project? more efficient and more eco?

Research of ecotourism and related fields:
Need a research being done or assistance in community-environment related research?

Talks, lectures, workshops and advocacy: 
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