Wish to develop your business/project?

Consultancy for NGOs, projects, SMEs, ecolodges and ecotourism tour companies:

 Already have a lodge or tourism services?

* I will advise and co-work to make your place eco-friendly and sustainable.

* I advise about ecotourism activities and developing ecotourism tours.

* Create an Ecotourism website and marketing.

* Training and lecturing about ecotourism and guide skills.


Want to start a new ecotourism project / company / ecolodge?

* We will work together to plan and create, in a sustainable way, a new ecotourism project.

* We work together with the local community and the environment, to make it truly ecotourism and sustainable.

* All of that will be done together with training and knowledge transfer, so you will be able to handle everything independently.


For example:

Advising Lijiang Xintuo Ecotourism Tour Company (Yunnan, China)

Advising Xintuo Ecotourism included new products/services development such as themed tours and cultural activities; enhancing the online presence (Trip Advisor, FB, forums, translations, SEO); creating a network with other businesses in the province; training guides.

After implementation, the company proved to be more successful with more customers, and higher profit than the years before.


EcoPeace Green Economy Initiative criteria (project supported by USAID)

Green Economy Initiative aims to advance EcoPeace’s (the Friends of the Earth Middle East) model for environmental peace-making by building cross-border cooperation in support of fair economic benefits from the sustainable use of shared environmental resources; this is by finding potential businesses that follow “Green Economy” ideology – Israelis, Palestinians and Jordanians.

In this project, I wrote the standards and criteria which will be used to determine the Green Businesses who are to participate in the initiative, as well as guidelines to be followed by EcoPeace, acting as a role model.


Other Services I offer:

Research of ecotourism and related fields:
Need a research being done or assistance in community-environment related research?

Marketing and online presence:
Want to bring more international responsible tourists to you?

Talks, lectures, workshops and advocacy: 
Want to hear and learn about Ecotourism?