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NGO Involvement in Ecotourism: Case Study from Myanmar

Myanmar has been going through a transformation from military to civilian rule since 2011, coupled with a series of social and economic reforms. This brought a huge growth in the tourism sector, from less than 1 million international tourists in

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Ecotourism and Awareness-raising in Indigenous Communities of Taiwan

Ataw Yupas explains the model of the traditional territory mapping (December 19, 2014)

In 2009, the Taiwanese government proposed plans to build a reservoir in Bilin Valley, in Hsinchu County’s Jianshih-Township. The project was met by the area’s Cinsbu Atayal Community with a determined campaign to halt planning and construction. In 2012, the

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Ecoutourism, does it work?

Many are skeptics about Ecotourism’s ability to make a difference. Actually, there are many beautiful and good examples of  successful outcomes of Ecotourism. The coming up posts on will focus on different inspiring eco and sustainable tourism projects, initiatives …

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