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Sea Turtles Conservation Tourism: Hatcheries and Sanctuaries – are they effective at all?

Sea Turtles, amazing creatures that have lived on the planet for hundreds of millions of years. To be more precise, we should should say ‘amazing endangered creatures‘.

May 23rd is the World Turtle Day, and a good chance

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NGO Involvement in Ecotourism: Case Study from Myanmar

Myanmar has been going through a transformation from military to civilian rule since 2011, coupled with a series of social and economic reforms. This brought a huge growth in the tourism sector, from less than 1 million international tourists in

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Ecotourism and Awareness-raising in Indigenous Communities of Taiwan

Ataw Yupas explains the model of the traditional territory mapping (December 19, 2014)

In 2009, the Taiwanese government proposed plans to build a reservoir in Bilin Valley, in Hsinchu County’s Jianshih-Township. The project was met by the area’s Cinsbu Atayal Community with a determined campaign to halt planning and construction. In 2012, the

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Good or Bad? Taiwan records highest foreign tourist arrivals growth worldwide

CKS Memorial Hall, Taipei

In short, Taiwan sees a huge increase of tourists, mostly Mainland Chinese. But on average they spend less, thus ignoring the negative affects of increased number of tourists.

An article by The China Post with the title “Taiwan records

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Ecoutourism, does it work?

Many are skeptics about Ecotourism’s ability to make a difference. Actually, there are many beautiful and good examples of  successful outcomes of Ecotourism. The coming up posts on will focus on different inspiring eco and sustainable tourism projects, initiatives …

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Haifa for travelers

Welcome to The Haifa (חֵיפָה حَيْفَا).
This is a useful information page for travelers and visitors here. Enjoy!

Things to do in Haifa
There is much to do and see and eat and enjoy in Haifa.
Haifa is unique for

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