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My research and academic skills together with hands-on practical experience enable me to connect between theory and practice of green economy and environmental sustainability in general, and in the tourism sector in particular.

Currently, I am the General Manager of Global Sustainable Tourism Council (GSTC), while also conducting research on Community Based Ecotourism and benefit distribution of Atayal Indigenous People in Taiwan. Before that, I was researching sustainable development and green growth institutional framework at UN-ESCAP, Environment and Development Policy Section.

I strive for more happiness in the world, a goal larger than my own personal life, inspiring and making a difference in the lives of people. It guides me in my work-life and people interaction, benefiting all. Either by my work I have done in interfaith dialogue, empower asylum-seekers, or by my passion for green economy and sustainable tourism. Little steps can be made to lead us together into a better and more sustainable world.

Specialties: Outreach-liaising and fundraising, Public-private partnerships, Training, Community development, Responsible business development, Product Development and Implementation, Standardization and certification, Green Economy practices, Web design and development, Digital Communications and marketing, Research, Entrepreneurship and a string of other talents.


Consultancy for NGOs, projects, SMEs, ecolodges and ecotourism tour companies:
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Talks, lectures, workshops, and advocacy: 
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Research of sustainable tourism and related fields:
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Marketing, promotion, and online presence:
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Roi Ariel